M2Cloud allows you to have a global view of all the devices installed in your factory. Our cloud-based solution allows you to collect data from MES, PLCs and sensors. It also allows remote maintenance to be conducted easily and securely.

All our customers’ factory equipment is connected to the cloud through our M2Cloud Gateways.

Business case objectives

Smart and cost-efficient data collection and analytics is a fundamental part of the Industry 4.0.

Advantages for business

    • Asset owners

    • Production

      Improve production output

    • Cost

      Decrease production cost

    • Downtime

      Reduce downtime

    • Machine builders / OEM

    • Revenue

      Increase service revenue with data driven services

    • Cost

      Decrease aftermarket service cost

    • Downtime

      Reduce downtime

  • Downtime

    Reduce downtime

To achieve these business objectives, the use cases to be implemented are:

No data. No party.

Having access to essential data in a centralized place, such as the cloud or a data center, is the fundamental starting point for enabling these primary use-cases and meeting business objectives.

M2Cloud was specifically developed to address the following key challenges for Industrial IoT:

    • Factory floor challenges

    • Many data sources: PLC, MES, databases and more

    • Many protocols: OPC, Modbus, MQTT, SCADA and more

    • High number of sensors

    • Separated networks / OT and IT team collaboration

    • Remote assets challenges

    • Transitioning from basic telemetry to comprehensive smart monitoring

    • How to collect more data but transfer less?

    • Unreliable and intermittent connectivity

    • Managing large volume of assets

    • Inside customer firewalls

Mesh VPN architecture

Traditional VPNs come with availability and performance bottlenecks. M2Cloud is decentralized; tunnels are created per-host and on-demand as needed.

  • Traditional VPN

    Taditional VPN

    A conventional VPN works in a hub-spoke pattern, such that all traffic flows through the central “hub”, regardless of where the other devices are. This is simple to maintain for small deployments and is generally what you want when using a VPN to allow access to a private corporate network.

    Unfortunately, this architecture performs poorly when nodes are trying to talk to each other, as all traffic has to go via a centralized node.

  • M2Cloud

    M2Cloud Mesh VPN

    A mesh network has the same purpose, although the approach is different.

    Rather than flowing through a single server, the data flows directly from node to node without ever touching the server.

  • Secure by design

    M2Cloud was developed by security engineers and makes use of a trusted crypto library like Noise, a built-in firewall, and the greatest features of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for host authentication.

    Secure by design