Software development

Software moves the world. Wherever the platform, we develop the software you need to meet your goals.

Here is what we can provide


DevOps is a software development methodology that combines software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops) participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.

The approach allows us to implement a continuous delivery strategy. We create value for our customers quickly, delivering implemented features every few weeks instead of having to wait months just to know if the development team is on the right track.

We prioritize

  • People and interactions over procedures and tools

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a fixed plan

In short, even though the stuff on the right have worth, we value the stuff on the left more.

  • Making the right choice

    Making the right choice

    In the world of software development, there are many open source and vendor-specific technologies to cover almost any business requirement. It is difficult to navigate through this jungle of technologies.

    Choosing the right tools and technologies is a critical part of the solution.

    To stay current with changes in languages, frameworks, and design patterns, our crew receives ongoing specialized training.

    As a result, they are able to adopt new technologies and forge their own criteria for determining which technology is the most appropriate for a given situation.

  • Fullstack Development

    Fullstack development

    From the design of a user interface to the architecture of a database. From the implementation of a RESTful API to the configuration of custom Linux firmware. From the security of a web application to the deployment in a cloud infrastructure.

    We have the experience and knowledge to cover every step of a software project. From start to finish. Nevian is the global solution to your needs

  • Multiplatform first

    Multiplatform first

    Imagine the app you want on the platform you require. We have experience developing applications on Android, iOS, Web and Desktop (Windows, MacOS, and Linux), taking advantage of Flutter‘s cross-platform capabilities.

    This framework, supported by Google, allows our clients to reach users on any screen, as it let us to deploy applications to multiple devices from a single codebase. This in turn translates into faster, less costly development and more maintainable projects.