Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Companies must leverage technology capabilities to move forward. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, it is necessary to combine IT skills with industrial operations to create blended knowledge.

The implementation of solutions requires a different supplier-customer dialogue than in the past. Speaking the same language, cooperating openly, and real expertise are key.

Tailored IoT projects

If you are developing an IoT project, Nevian can accompany you on your journey. Tell us your challenge, and we’ll provide the technology you need to solve it.

We provide expert IoT consulting to help you identify all the steps you need to take: from sensors and communication protocols to building the cloud platforms required for your application to succeed.

Where we shine

  • Machine to Cloud connectivity

    M2Cloud allows you to have a global view of all the devices installed in your factory. Our cloud-based solution allows you to collect data from MES, PLCs and sensors. It also allows remote maintenance to be carried out easily and securely.

    All of our customers’ factory equipment is connected to the cloud through our M2Cloud Gateways.

    There is more to it. Just follow this link to learn more about how M2Cloud may fit your business needs.

  • Custom Linux based firmware

    Not sure which Linux distribution to use for your IoT device? You may not be asking the proper question, and the answer is most likely: none.

    At Nevian we have proven experience creating Linux system images with a custom kernel compiled for each application with the minimum software set.

    This way, we minimize exposure to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and improve both performance and boot times, even on devices with very limited hardware capabilities.

    We take care of the entire firmware lifecycle, providing a reliable update service independent of the lifecycle of any Linux distribution.